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Welcome to my Web site!

My name is Curtis Anderson and here is my web-site. This site was created to give me a place to put anything that my heart desires. Here you may find photos, thoughts and dreams. Some of the content here may be offending to some, however, this is my site not theirs, so they will have to over look what they do not like. Sorry can't please every one. So feel free to look around...

I am sorry if this offends any of the legit users of this site but 20-50 registrations a night with nothing but the user name different every night is getting to be a pain. This is for those dumb asses trying to scam or spam or site and legit users.

For those whom register for membership continually to try and post messages for increasing your bust, pecker, or any other part of ones anatomy size... Lose of weight, sell your prescription drugs, etc... there is no part of this site unfiltered for such and you are waisting yours and my time. FUCK OFF AND DON'T COME BACK!!!

In the Spotlight!!!

Curtis Anderson on 2007/4/25 17:30:00 (2201)
CurtisJAnderson.com Announcements

We have updated the image system to be more robust, and support a lot of new features that will be enabled soon.

Some features to come are:

1 e-Postcards
2 Upload of images to the site.
3 Rate images (Available now)
4 Image comments (Available now)

Let me know what you thank...

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Another duldrum day at work...




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