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Welcome to my Web site!

My name is Curtis Anderson and here is my website. This site was created to give me a place to put anything that my heart desires. Here you may find photos, thoughts and dreams.  So feel free to look around...

Although portions of the content here may be offending to some; remember, this is my site, so they will have to over look what they do not like. Sorry can't please every one.

For those whom register for membership continually to try and post messages for increasing your bust, pecker, or any other part of ones anatomy size... Lose of weight, to sell your prescription drugs, etc… There is no part of this site unfiltered for such; and in such it’s a waste of your and my time. So if your intent is to do such, please leave now and don’t come back!!! 

Remake of website

Although many have used the old site, I am now rebuilding the site from scratch.

There will be many features added and most all the content will be moved over; however, updated.

Hope every one likes what is to come.